Charlie + Allison ~ Lancaster Liederkranz Wedding Photography

This wedding was nothing short of amazing. The thing that stood out to me the most about this lovely couple was their selflessness. They were not consumed with themselves and the wedding but were focused on other people and enjoying the day with friends and family. In one of the maid of honor's speeches, she talked about how after Charlie and Allison got engaged they said that one day they didn't want to take their kids back to just a pretty place where they got married, but they wanted to take them back to the place they got married that was so meaningful to them on so many levels. I remember back to their engagement pictures last summer...they wanted to take them at a camp that Allison had fond memories at, a place that was meaningful to them and actually meant something other than just being a beautiful location for pictures. This is why this couple is awesome. They are deep. I could tell that this wedding was just a small reflection of who they are as people and what their marriage will look like for years to come. Such a beautiful example to so many! You two are so great, Charlie and Allison, and I am so thankful to have been a small part of this milestone in your life together! Many blessings as you enjoy your life as husband and wife!

*A shoutout is well-deserved to my second shooter, Christina Gann, for taking some amazing shots and helping me out!