Hunter + Lauren ~ NOAH's Event Venue Wedding ~ Cranberry Township, PA

Nothing makes wedding photography more fulfilling for me than watching two people who truly love each other joyfully make commitments to remain together forever. This kind of love is not a feeling (those come and go!)...instead it is a decision to be selfless and choose the other before you choose you yourself. I've had the privilege of seeing this in Hunter & Lauren as I've watched their relationship unfold, but it was even more evident on their wedding day. The way that Hunter dotes on Lauren and smiles at her as if she is the only thing in the world worth his time is beautiful (gentlemen...hope you're taking notes!). Lauren is, in turn, flattered (like any girl would be), but she does not consume it...rather, she pours that attention, love, and care out on everyone else. What a great combo they've got going on! 

Hunter & Lauren got married at NOAH's Event Venue in Cranberry Township, PA surrounded by lots of friends and family. This venue was elegant, yet simple and charming. Totally fit the bride & groom. I am so thankful to have been part of such a gorgeous day, celebrating two wonderful humans! So happy for you, Hunter & Lauren...may God lead you as you begin an amazing journey together!

*Special shoutout to my sister Kimberly Veldhuizen, who second shot this wedding with me! She was amazing, per usual. :)