Matt + Paige ~ Stambaugh Auditorium Ohio Wedding

Matt & Paige's wedding was extra special for me because not only do adore both of them as individuals, but I have known them for years and have really grown to appreciate their generous friendship and genuine hearts. They have been together for over 10 years now (!!!!!) and so it was extra exciting to celebrate this day with them...we all knew it would be here someday! Paige is an amazingly talented photographer herself, so I was flattered that she asked me to take photos of her own wedding day. It was not only a beautiful day for the eyes (everything was just stunning) and the taste buds (the food was some of the the most delicious I've had), but it was a beautiful day for celebrating the love and commitment that these two have for each other and how they have blessed each one of us in different ways. I couldn't be more excited for you, Matt & Paige! Many blessings on this new marriage journey!